Is it street legal?

Yes, it is street legal. Once the vehicle arrives we register and title in Indiana.

Can't I just import one myself?

Sure you can! That's exactly what we do. Keep in mind that these vehicles are 6500 miles away. We bring the car here for you to see in person and inspect. Most auctions use low res webcams for photos and some brokers will send you more detailed photos AFTER purchase! There is a lot of risk when importing a vehicle that you can't physically inspect. Instead, we do that for you. If you don't like what you see in person, you would have only lost a few hours and some gas money (much better than a $2000 ticket to Japan!).

I found one in a coastline state for less, why do yours cost more?

You are paying for the convenience of the vehicle being located in the midwest and shipping fees.

I want a car you don't have in your inventory, can you find one for me?

We sure can! We would act as your stateside broker. The process of hand picking your vehicle could take some time so patience is key. 

What if I need parts?

Get in touch with our team. We will get the part you need without adding in fees. You pay for the part and shipping!

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing at this time.

What's it like driving on the right side?

Your pedals and shift pattern do not change, just your seating position. You'll be a pro in no time (assuming you know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle).